Samsung Galaxy A70 comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy A70 comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series, which is a midrange smartphone series will now come equipped with premium features. The newly launched variation Samsung Galaxy A70 is fully equipped with 6.7-inch widescreen which has a 20:9 aspect ratio, according to reports.

The screen of the phone is bigger than usual, and the main purpose of this newly launched phone is to provide a comfortable fit. Samsung has made Galaxy A70 taller this time instead of wider. The idea behind the bigger screen on A70 is to basically stuff more things on the screen instead of scrolling it here and there.

The all-new Samsung A70 has the same features as the Galaxy A50 which was launched a month back in February. Both the smartphones come equipped with a triple-lens camera on the backside, and both the midrange phones use excellent AMOLED displays. The back of the smartphones is made out of 3D Glasstic which is super sleek and glossy. The screen of the Galaxy A70 is wide enough and covers almost the complete front display. Galaxy A70 is one of the best Gadgets so far amongst Samsung’s A-series mid-range smartphones, it has 6GB of RAM and has a massive battery of 4,500 mAh.

A70, as well as the A50, have a fingerprint sensor inside the display, Samsung’S Galaxy S10 and S10 plus also have the same fingerprint sensors. There have been reports that some users have often complained that the in-display sensor feels slower and fussier than rear-mounted sensors. So the best will be to wait and watch for the positive reviews until the release of Samsung Galaxy A70.

The release date and the cost of Galaxy A70 have not been disclosed yet. Hopefully, the details will be revealed in an Event scheduled on 10th of April.

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