Joy-Con Drift in Nintendo Switch- Response from the makers!

Joy-Con Drift in Nintendo Switch- Response from the makers!

With the successful launch of Nintendo Switch, many customers were delighted to buy their super expensive Nintendo Switch which comes with controllers and latest technology joystick inbuilt. However, recently, many customers are talking and complaining about the Joy-Con drift problems in the Switch.

Joy-Con Drift complaints include that the joystick controllers are not working correctly and detect motion even when there is no moton. There have been many complaints from the users to the company. The Nintendo responses to the situation with the famous Japanese gaming blog that people are facing the problem with the Nintendo Switch should visit the company website for support. Nintendo claims that the company is focussed on making high-quality gaming consoles for the customers looking for the ultimate gaming experience.

If the owner of Nintendo Switch is facing the drift in the joystick controller, he must visit the support page on the company website. The company will provide instant repair support to the users. However, the company does not acclaim the future fixing of the problem. And there have been instances where users have complained that their Switch is again experiencing drift issues after a repair. The company is focussed on fixing the problem in the Switch but does not officially announce that the problem will be entirely solved in the future.

The company website floated direct link to the support page for the users who are experiencing a problem with Switch. Earlier the website only had update links for the products. But due to the high number of drift complaints and queries, the company has decided to place dedicated support for the Nintendo Switch users for Joy-Con Drift. However, we warn readers that the fixes in the Switch after repair are somewhat temporary and can cause problems again real soon.

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