Google is discontinuing Google Trips app from August 5

Google is discontinuing Google Trips app from August 5

There have been reports that Google has decided to bring down its Google Trips app following it has been working on its online counterpart since last month. Google is said to discontinue the app from August 5 onwards. Earlier also there were rumors regarding Google discontinuing the Trips app, but the company confirmed nothing until today. Google confirmed the news on a support page today, the reports added.

Google Trips was made available in the form of web service and app version and both of these acts as a hub to provide information whenever you ought to plan a trip, book flights or hotels for your trip. The service from Google was best in the market and Google Trips is also integrated with Gmail to make the process easier.

Google, in one of the statements, has confirmed that features that are currently available on Google Trips will be shifted to other Google services, including Google Search and Google Maps.

“Users can still download the app until August 5, but after that date, users will see a message upon opening it that We’ve said goodbye to Google Trips,” according to Google.

Google will either announce the discontinuing of the Google Trips formally, or it may let it fade into obscurity. Google has already confirmed that the signature features of the app won’t be shelved and users can use those features to use other online service or access Google’s other apps.

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