Asus ROG Killer Gaming Phone II with 120Hz OLED, 855+ and 6000 mAH

Asus ROG Killer Gaming Phone II with 120Hz OLED, 855+ and 6000 mAH

Asus ROG’s first phone was revolutionary gaming phone with high-end specs and fantastic gaming features. However, with a step-up technology and new features, Asus is launching brand new Asus ROG phone II with 120Hz OLED panel, 6000 mAH battery life and powered with Qualcomm’s new game focus high speed of 855 plus SoC.

The gaming phone from Asus ROG is a next-generation gaming phone with all new upgraded features. The handset supports 6.59 inches 1080p panel with OLED enabling. With the introduction of mobile gaming, gaming consoles and TVs are losing the race. However, Asus is smart enough to bet money on phone gaming as a long term business. With the increase in the phone business, Asus has once again launched yet another winner in the gaming sector.

With the most responsive display, Asus ROG phone II is the most sort after gaming phone in the industry. The looks and design of the phone are the same as the former one, but the company has changed the screen with a flat-screen for a better gaming experience. The most exciting feature of the phone is the latency figure. As compared to iPhone XS, Samsung S10+ and OnePlus seven pro-Asus ROG phone II have the least latency figure even less than 50ms. It makes the phone apt for gaming.

Asus ROG Phone II has two USB C-ports, which is helpful for the gamers to connect their phone with consoles. The triple layer of the body of the phone is enough for preventing heating of the phone. It has two vibration motors with speakers at the front. For complete gaming experience, there are four microphones in the phone for better sound effects and 3.5mm jack for plugging earphones.

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